Welcome to our Snohomish, WA Retreat

Two Tree Frogs Home was named to honor to the Pacific Northwest Tree Frog that call the Puget Sound their home. These little buddies live abundantly on our property but hide so well that they are very hard to find. You can hear them sing sometimes in early Spring to late Summer.They live in our natural ponds located throughout our property and, as little frog lovers, we do our best to protect their natural habitat.

Our 14 acre property is kept mostly in it’s natural state which adds a special beauty to it. We have natural trails made by animals, very large pine trees, fruit trees and natural seasonal creeks and ponds. We also have abundant wild life like deer, rabbits, squirrels, birds that are always nearby.

We are located in rural Snohomish in a quiet evergreen area but conveniently located just minutes away from mayor highways and convenient stores.

We invite you to come visit and stay with us. If you are looking for a place to rest, recharge and reconnect with nature, we might have a very special place waiting for you…


Frog 1

Property resident doing a rare patio visit
(Pacific Northwest Tree Frog)